Friday, May 18, 2018


This is just a quote from Saki's only novella-length publication, drawn from Short Stories And The Unbearable Bassington, ISBN 978-0192831699.  He is one of our great Discordian writers, and this quote, about the dynamic between two cousins, could not be any more Discordian:

"No quarrel of any description stood between them and one could not legitimately have described them as enemies, but they never disarmed in one another's presence.  A misfortune of any magnitude falling on one of them would have been sincerely regretted by the other, but any minor discomfiture would have produced a feeling very much akin to satisfaction.  Human nature knows millions of these inconsequent little feuds, springing up and flourishing apart from any basis of racial, political, religious or economic causes, as a hint perhaps to crass unseeing altruists that enmity has its place and purpose in the world as well as benevolence."

Indeed it does, Mr. Munro.  Indeed it does.