Saturday, February 25, 2017

President Jeff Davis, I Mean Donald Trump, Catches Another Wrongdoer

Well, the hot news today is that this man -- Muhammad Ali, Jr. -- was recently detained for 2 hours at a Florida airport and questioned closely about his suspiciously Islamic-sounding name. Who are you?  Where are you going?  Let's just have a look in that overnight bag.  Wheredjoo get that name of yours, huh?

His dad wasn't the biggest hero of the Civil Rights movement by any means, but he did take a stand for his principles.  And yes, he did join the Nation of Islam and change his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali.  And then he named his son after him.  Ali has been gone since June of last year, and I thank whatever God he chose to worship that he didn't live to see this disgrace.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wild In The Streets

Sunday, February 05, 2017

All According To Plan?

Well, the new administration has gotten off to a ROARING start.  Women are knitting cat's ears so they can put them on and march en masse, saying that Trump is "NOT MY PRESIDENT!" 

Jews and Muslims find themselves holding identical placards at their conjoint protests against Trump's ill-conceived ban on anyone trying to enter the country from a Muslim-majority country in Africa or the Middle East.  Meanwhile, 49% of the country appears to actually support this ban, which so far has captured in its net -- among many other innocent people -- an Iraqi general fighting ISIS at the side of the Americans.

What I especially love is the justification offered by Trump supporters.  This is NOT a ban on Muslims, they say angrily; why do you keep calling him a bigot!?  This is against terrorism!!!  Oh, OK, I guess that's why so many Klansmen are being rounded up and forced onto planes bound for Yemen and Sudan.  Wait, that's NOT happening?  I thought we were fighting terrorism here!

Remember, everyone:  Donald Trump is NOT a bigot.  He actually loves Mexicans, for instance.  

And, come on, if he didn't love Eastern Europeans, he wouldn't keep marrying them.  Whoever will he get in bed with after he dumps Melania?

The word everyone keeps using, each time we get wiped off the beach with another Trump tsunami, is "CHAOS."  Even supporters of his "policies" complain that he isn't implementing them with "proper coordination" or "proper planning" or proper SOMETHING.  Honest to Pete, is there any proper way  for a country built on immigrants and refugees to close its borders to -- not only those immigrants and refugees -- but our trading partners, our international allies, and indeed REALITY ITSELF?  Tell me how to do that properly, someone, please!

Because then the CHAOS will go away, right?